What’s the difference between an overgrip and a regular grip?

The "regular grip" is the one that initially comes with your racket, right out of the box.

On the other hand, an overgrip, like what VIBEPADEL offers, is designed to wrap over that original grip. The advantages of this include:

  1. Player Preference: Overgrips allow players to choose the sensation they prefer when holding the racket, personalizing their gameplay experience.
  2. Superior Grip: A fresh overgrip can enhance the racket's hold, preventing slips.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: An overgrip can add a layer of comfort, making the handle feel better in hand.
  4. Protection: It safeguards the original grip from wear and tear.
  5. Fresh Look: Keeps your racket appearing clean and sharp.

How long does an overgrip last?

The lifespan of an overgrip varies based on your play frequency and intensity. Typically, signs of wear and tear will indicate when it's time for a replacement. For many of us at VIBEPADEL, we find the sweet spot is after 7 or 8 matches. But always go with what feels right for you.

Can you use overgrips for other sports?

Absolutely. While VIBEPADEL overgrips are tailored for the unique demands of Padel rackets, they're versatile by design. Many enthusiasts find them suitable for other racket sports as well, including Pickleball, Badminton, and Squash. So, if you've got a racket, we've got the grip!

What's the difference between a VIBEPADEL overgrip and other overgrips?

The distinction lies in our design philosophy and rigorous product development. VIBEPADEL's Grip 'n' Rip overgrip stands out with its:

  1. 3-Layer Advantage: A structure with a top PU layer for grip and comfort, a middle non-woven micro fiber layer for stability, and a base PU layer for a secure hold on the racket handle.
  2. Innovative Design: Significant research and development has resulted in a precision grip with perfect cushioning, and a strong hold during intense play.
  3. Player-Centric Features: Designed with padel players in mind it ensures superior sweat absorption, hassle-free application and reduced material waste.

Can you use VIBEPADEL overgrips on tennis rackets?

Unfortunately, they cannot! VIBEPADEL overgrips are designed explicitly for padel rackets, which have a shorter handle. This ensures that the overgrips don’t need to be cut, offering an eco-friendly, hassle-free application and reducing material waste.


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